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The IAI School is a programme designed for bright young thinkers who want to expand their ideas beyond A-Level offerings in the build up to university applications.

Taking place in the midst of HowTheLightGetsIn’s innovative ideas programme and amongst world-leading academics, the IAI School is aimed at year 12 students with a passion for inquisitive thinking.

On the two-day course, you will discover what university-level teaching can offer beyond the scope of your national curriculum, develop your critical thinking skills, meet like-minded students from across the country and have the opportunity to explore the festival’s core debate and music programme.

Led by researchers and academics who are experts in their field, the IAI School will address and explore questions such as:

• Where do my own ideas come from?
• How does what I believe relate to the rest of the world?
• What are the current ideas which have the power to change the future?

Navigating topics such as Sex Ethics, Virtue, Politics, Gender Identity, Physics and Morality, you will explore how philosophy intersects with these diverse subjects and can be used to reframe your own interests. You will engage with some of mankind’s biggest questions, and be encouraged to think about how these could translate into future career paths.

Participating in thought-provoking classes, alongside comedy, spoken word poetry, film-screenings and infectiously danceable music from a host of NME and BRIT award-winning bands, singers and DJs - the IAI School is not only true to the university experience, but the perfect environment to get ahead of the game.


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